Lawn Mower Repair Troubleshooting Guide


Lawn mowers experience problems just like any other machine. Such problems arise when the machine is needed most. Proper maintenance is key to an optimal functioning machine. Sometimes minor wear and tear may be lead to major mower problems that can make it fail to start. Getting equipped with simple tips on how to handle minor engine problems is the best step to take. In the case of any slight problem, the owner can correct and get back to work.

The following are DIY lawn mower repair troubleshooting tips.

Lawn Mower Repair Troubleshooting Guide (2)

  • If a mower won’t start

There are various possible causes of the problem. It could be the gas tank is empty. Sometimes old gas may be the cause. In such a case, the user can consider filling the tank with fresh gas. Another reason can be a dirty air filter. It can be cleaned and replaced with new one. The carburetor may not be allowing the flow of the gas; hence, fuel may not reach the engine. The carburetor can be replaced in such a case. Again, the gas cap can be clogged and may not allow the flow of gas. The gas cap can be loosened to check if it is the cause of the problem.

  • Smoking mower

Causes of a smoking mower may be a full oil chamber. Again if oil leaks into the exhaust, muffler, it can make a mower smoke. It happens when the mower is tilted excessively to one side. Other common causes of smoking mower include the buildup of debris and clippings. To troubleshoot such problem, the user can consider cleaning the underside of the mower deck. Again, the side discharge may be clogged and should be cleaned to remain clear. Dull or loose mower blade may be another cause of the problem. The blade can be sharpened or replaced if it is too old. However, if the problem persists, one can consider seeking a professional.

  • Ignition not functioning

If the ignition system is malfunctioning, one can consider removing the spark plug. In case there is any debris, it can be cleaned off then reconnect and tighten the lead wire to the spark plug.

  • Primer not workingLawn Mower Repair Troubleshooting Guide (1)

If a carburetor that has a diaphragm, one can consider checking if it contains any holes. Such diaphragms can be hardened or replaced. In the case of an air assembly primer box, one can check if there is a hole or crack. In case such a problem exists, one can consider replacing it.

Lawn mowers are the landscaping machines that every gardener must have. Understanding its workability can help one to correct simple problems that occur when using the machine. The above are some of the DIY lawn mower repair troubleshooting tips to consider if a problem occurs.